Therapist Dural

As a therapist for Dural I offer my clients a premium, professional service that will meet or exceed expectation. From the moment you walk into my office you will feel relaxed and ready to discuss whatever you feel inclined to discuss. In fact, if you are not managing even the smallest of smiles during your session I will be surprised.

Sitting with a skilled listener who is non-judgemental is a breath of fresh air. Such is my role as a Dural therapist. When you blend this with knowledge of human behaviour and understanding of the latest research the science of psychology can provide, you will begin your journey of personal growth and change.

While you may be grappling with your past or present circumstances I will assist you to stay focussed on the solution (rather than the problem). I will offer coping strategies that increase your resilience, explore your strengths and facilitate an understanding of the concept of control. In particular, learning to understand what you can, or cannot control and what to do about these situations is a pathway to improved health.

My location near the heart of the shopping district at Terminus Street, Castle Hill makes it convenient for you to access my services as a therapist to Dural residents. Parking is available at the back of the building, across the road at Castle Mall or, alternatively, at Castle Towers.